Tortugueros Las Playitas A.C.

Sea Turtle Internships 2021-22

Sea Turtle Biology and Environmental Science & Conservation Internships are Available during the 2023-24 AcademicYear

Internships are available from October 15- March 31.

Sea Turtle Interns protecting nests

The following activities are available for junior high, high school and college students:
•Nest Relocation Patrols: (Oct 15- Feb 15) 
•Hatchling Care & Release (Dec 10- Mar 31)  
•Nesting census, & data entry (Oct 15- Mar 31)
We can verify your hours for junior high, high school and college credit.
Adding your experience to your resume will reflect your committment to Environmental Sciences and Conservation!

Sea Turtle Nest Rescue

The following safety protocols have been established for the health and safety of our Staff, Interns and Visitors:

1. Only Staff and Interns are permitted inside the Turtle Camp and Greenhouse.

2. Visitors can observe hatchling releases from a six foot distance as long as beaches remain open.

3. Night patrols are limited to a 2 person maximum.

4. Biologists and staff at turtle camp handle turtle containers during release  of turtles.

5. Informational signs will replace Informational speeches.

6. Intern Casitas have private bathrooms and refrigerators.

7. Casita eating areas are outside and well ventilated 

Intern Registration Form

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Please type: " I, [your name] agree to the 
Health and Safety protocols listed above."
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Download Volunteer Intern form here


Interns are responsable for their transportation, meals, and a contribution to the project to cover housing and field work expenses.
Minimum two week commitment requested, but shorter stays are available.

Kialey and Leo

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