Tortugueros Las Playitas A.C.


Thank you for Registering for
Marine Biologist for a Day /Night! 

Please plan to arrive at the turtle camp on the beach in Las Tunas for Nest monitoring and hatchling release. Night patrols meet at 5 Tacos / Bajavaria parking area. Your balance of $50usd (40 kids under 12) is requested in cash. Arrival times are listed below:


Midnight Nest Rescue: plan to meet at the parking area for 5 Tacos & a Beer  / Bajavaria (Google maps). Look for the ATVs!

October -December 12:00am Midnight (thats right when the date changes). Be sure its midnight of the date you registered for, not the previous night. So if you registered for Nov 5,  that would be the night of Nov 4 which turns to Nov 5 at midnight.

Bring warm clothes, hat and gloves and blanket! 


Nest Monitoring/Hatchling care:

December - March  10am-3pm.

Bring water and lunch! 


Nest Inventory/ Hatchling release:

December 5-7pm

January  5-7pm 

February 5:30-7:30 pm

March. 6:00-7:30 pm

Biologist 4 a Day Confirmation Details


If you will be Monitoring the Greenhouse (Dec 10- March 20) during the day, please arrive at the Turtle Camp by 10:00am.   Be sure to bring plenty of water and  lunch. Plan to be on the beach from 10am -3pm.  Please apply your sunscreen at home and wash hands well.  Sunscreen cannot be used in the turtle camp.  Someone will meet you at the turtle camp around 10am, please be patient if they are a few minutes late, they are probably coming on an ATV and may have to stop to collect a nest.  Feel free to open the door and go in. 

Hatchling Releases will take place December 10- March 20.  Please arrive (or come back)  to the Turtle Camp at- 5:00pm (December - January), and 5:30pm (February-March).  We will clean out active nests, and release hatchlings at sunset.

Kids- your family is welcome to accompany you!   If you are Monitoring the Greenhouse during the day, you are absolutely welcome to stay and release the hatchlings at sunset your break is 3:00-4:30.  



The Tortugueros Las Playitas Turtle Camp is on the beach at Camino Internacional in Las Tunas. We are on Google Maps!

Contributions to the program are used toward ATV maintenance, ATV purchases, gasoline,  Biologist tools like turtle PITS, thermometers and Greenhouse construction materiales all needed to run this project. 

Thank you for participating!




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