Tortugueros Las Playitas A.C.

Todos Santos Animal Rescue Center

The New Todos Santos Animal Rescue Center is Now Open!

¡Ya Abrimos el Todos Santos Centro de Rescate de Animales! 

Please notify us of if you encounter:

  • Wild Animals with injuries
  • Wild Animal strandings
  • Abandoned domestic animals
  • Injured stray domestic animals  


612.868.3799 Español

612.177.8393 English


24 Hour Emergency Services available   

We are always receiving abandoned animals, and never turn down services to animals in need of care.

Please consider making a donation or drop off supplies and/or food.

Materiales Needed:

Kennels and crates (all sizes) 

Towels, Gause

Hydrogen peroxide

Latex gloves

Dog and Cat Food


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Director Omar Arnaut

Stranded Black Sea Turtle:
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